Chocolate is not the answer

 Frustrated, getting angry… 1st response? ‘I want chocolate’

Why I would want chocolate after watching ‘That sugar film’ today is astonishing but that’s what sugar does. 

Breathe. My son was verbally hammering me with arguments after plans had changed, I’m 40th in the queue waiting to try fix our internet that’s been down for 5 days (on school holidays!!!!????!!!) and have tried to contact them several times to no avail. 

So, getting back to I want to feel better, and the first urge is sugar. 

I’m trying the ‘you can have it if you want it but do you really want it?’ And my emotional reaction is YES I WANT IT! But I’m not in wise mind right now so I need some space to deal with my emotions without kids interrupting me telling me they have worms…. Again, another child wanting to know how far I am now in the queue. ‘Erghhhh I am trying to deal with my emotions here so I don’t eat, you go deal with yours!’ 

Right now as I’m writing this blog, this is me using distraction. Trying to fill the time till my emotions come down. Trying to express my voice and not suppress it with food. AND ITS WORKING!! 

Crisis averted. The answer is not chocolate. 


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