That road in recovery

avoiding writing. Perfectionism once again in the way. I think I am exiting my grief of the lost kilos. I’m starting to become used to my round body and the disgust has lessened. I’m going well. It’s a hard journey of many lows… But I’m getting there. 

I’m under a huge amount of stress. It’s not often I’m not. It’s scary but I’m coping well and very aware when the stress level gets so high that I need to make different choices. Working, finishing my last Uni course while also working towards accreditation. Family. It’s impossible to get all of that working well at the same time when you are a human. I’m human. No denying it anymore. The robot is not sustainable. 

I admitted to my boss the other day that I get highly stressed. He wouldn’t have known, he said I hide it so well. Yep, I know. Chameleon is my life strategy. But I also need to be honest. That was the first step. One foot in front of the other to keep walking this journey. 


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