Unveiling an awakening

The veil lifted by a kind friend.

I knew I had relapsed but I didn’t think I was *that bad*

Until the veil was lifted and I could see so much more. It’s devastating. It’s much worse than I thought.

I had narrowed my vision to a couple of symptoms that were extreme in the past but I was handling those well. But in the meantime it has pervaded my life in other gripping ways.

It’s is now directly affecting my children and all my relationships. I have sworn to not have any friends come to my house to visit again. No coffee or lunch dates. I cannot cope at all. I had a friend come today and she brought cake. I had already bought biscuits. Back this onto my ferocious hunger this morning and the day has not gone well. In fact, it interfered with the rest of my day. I have been unable to do the things that need doing.

The ED is ruining my life again. At least I can see it now. It gives me more motivation for taking action toward recovery.


One response to “Unveiling an awakening

  1. bendy mind

    Xo I know what u mean. Cake gifts are the WORST!

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