The non negotiable recovery strategies

I guess I can declare relapse. It’s disappointing and defeating. I am rarely pursuing recovery and most of the time pursuing weight loss and engaging in ED behaviours and have for months. I feel like right now I do not have the time and space to battle recovery. But I will get back on track soon when I’m fully ready and willing again to face it.

The next time I devote to ED recovery there will need to be some non negotiable things in place for it to be successful long term.
1) exercise I love: yoga and dance as priority over gym. Movement on the beach: sport games, frisbee.
2) no trying to lose weight for a year
3) always leave time for self care day.
4) make decisions on things from the perspective of being in recovery from an ED. Not from the perspective of another person and what they can do.
5) cooking day – have a day where I can prepare wholesome foods that I feel safe to eat


4 responses to “The non negotiable recovery strategies

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you are in relapse. but that is the process of recovering! you will relapse over and over again, but the important part is that you are still devoted to recovery. stay strong<3

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, your support does mean a lot. Relapse is such a tough thing. Slipping is bad enough and is embedded in the recovery process…. But relapse? That feels broken off 😦

  3. I felt like this blog post ( ) really helped me make some tough choices a few months back. I especially related to her comment, ‘With an eating disorder, pain progressively increases. With recovery, pain progressively decreases.’

    I miss blogging, and writing in general, an awful lot, but the absence of both is freeing up my mind for something I haven’t been able to do in quite some time: thinking. Thinking not just about my ED or my current relapse but about bigger things. Futures, pasts, philosophies, family, friends, people, life—in all senses of the word.

    It’s both amazing and scary how blinkered we become when we force ourselves to focus on only one thing—food.

    Keep thinking and exploring and experimenting, Heartlectic, it’ll help pull off those blinkers.

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