Birds eye view of colour tabbed objectivity

Stealing an idea I read where someone colour tabbed their diary, I decided to do this to keep balance (or even try to find its birth) in my life.

Begin with excel spreadsheet of my timetable, check! Add in study times… housework…add in family times…add in exercise… add in possible work.
Now, colour coding them..
Oh. My. Goggles.
This is an eye opener. Lots of Uni time, then throw in pieces of the rest and I hadn’t even thought of time for myself to do anything I might enjoy, with no room left.

This is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Ok. So I can’t work that often then. I need one day where I can have space to breathe. Relax, perhaps watch a tv show or read a book for pleasure!

Smart. Very smart. 🙂


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