snakes and ladders

I said goodbye.
I thought I was a milestone ahead. I thought it would be easier now that I wanted recovery more.

So why have I been continually emotionally eating and purging again? I was going so so so so well! The environment had been emotionally charged, a more challenging environment to deal with. Using food as my coping and so ashamed.

I’m disheartened.

It’s a journey that even when you think you’re finally ok, the snake tempts. You listen, forgetting every wise thing you were taught and fall 12 feet deep in a hole.

Reminder…I have a ladder now. I’m not helpless. My ladder is the skills I learnt in DBT.

Climb the ladder again?


2 responses to “snakes and ladders

  1. yesssss climb it again! the view from the top is so much better 🙂

  2. Ok. 1st rung of the ladder I guess will be to eat breakfast. It’s almost 11am and I keep avoiding. Thanks for your encouragement. I really needed it. Xo

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