Hiding the evidence


I’m pissed. And anxious.

I have an an assignment due tomorrow and all I want to do is sit down with some peace and quiet and a long stretch of time to get it rolling.
There is so much against me.
Sleep is needed (because it’s treatment) The kids were demanding and we have a birthday party going on. My hubby changed his mind on something and hasn’t been around this morning. And I feel guilty.
Skill after skill but I have ingested the tub of ice cream. Shut my office door and ate and ate and ate. Knowing I had already decided to purge. There was no reconsidering now.
And then there’s the moment you are almost caught. Where you have to hide the evidence.

Such a shameful act.

I want to talk to someone, but who? Who really understands this besides people who have walked this hell? And the shame?

It gags you.

Forcing you to throw up instead of speaking out. I have lost my voice once again.


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