Breakthrough with yoga love!

I have over eaten, not exercised today and I have little distress.

Usually I would be in high anxiety. Fighting urges, caught in judgements and more than likely on the treadmill.
I am ok!!
I have a sense of peace.
I don’t feel defined by what and how much I ate.
I do not have disgust at my full belly.

This feels like a step ahead in recovery. Only 2 nights ago I was tortured by urges and hate. That day I was at peace, that night I was in hell. I think with using my DBT skills that night and getting through those urges was key to my breakthrough today. Had I of not gotten through it successfully, I may have not stepped forward. The following day got easier and with more yoga sessions I’m back to feeling….


I know this doesn’t mean that this is where I stay. I know I’ll be faced with the torture again.

But for this moment… This is all that’s important.


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